New Years 2016

Same procedure as last year… Dishes Goi cuon with salmon roe, king crab, prawns and scallops. Served with sweet soy sauce and lime.   Bear meat ball with lingonberries, Jerusalem artichoke puree and gravy. Cured reindeer fillet with apple and ginger chutney.   Pheasant consommé with a pheasant breast fricadelle.   Crab soup. Char with […]

New Years 2015

Dishes   Scallops   Cured reindeer with cloudberry jam and horse radish   Lobester risotto with truffle   Consommé with enokitake mushrooms   Beef tenderloin with potato puree and red wine sauce   Baileys ice cream with meringue

New Years 2014

  Same procedure as every year.

New Years 2013

Again my friend Markus and I hosted a sybarite New Years gourmet orgie of food and drinks at his farm outside of Stockholm. We really didn’t think that we could top last years amazing feast but alas, the impossible turned out to be possible!

Midsummer 2013

Once again friends were invited to the Swedish countryside for a traditional Midsummer celebration at my friends farm. We had a great repeat of last year’s celebration and the weather couldn’t have been better. See you next year!

Allmänna Sången 50th Anniversary

The Allmänna Sången choir (Public Song) is one of the oldest university choirs in Scandinavia and was founded in 1830. However, it was a strictly mens choir up until 1963 when it was decided that it would be a mixed choir with both men and women.


Uppsala Dodgeball Association of Uppsala (U.D.A.U) gathered the players for a brutal summer-battle! Dodge-Dip-Duck-Dive and Dodge!

Nations Choir Festival 2013

On the 6th April 2013 Uppsalas nation choirs gathered for the 34th Nationskörsfestivalen.

Easter in Östersund

I had some days off from school during Easter and decided to go north and visit my friends Håkan and Linn who live in Östersund. The days were spent with sightseeing, skiing, fika, eating, more fika and more eating. There seemed to be a never ending supply of food – which was great!

New Years 2012

As I for a change decided to stay in Sweden for the Christmas holidays the choice for a place to spend New Years was easy; at my friends farm Pungsund. What started out as a small and simple dinner for four eventually grew to a dinner for nine.

Pigeon shooting

Nice shot! Pigeon shooting with Anders and Per in western Sweden late August 2012.

Mountain trek

A bit spontaneous I went along with my two mates Anton and David on a trip to the Swedish mountains (a.k.a “fjällen”).

Barcelona & Lisbon

In July 2012 Jonas and I took a surfing trip to Ericeira on the west coast of Portugal. First stop was Barcelona, then Lisbon and after that a bustrip to the Atlantic coast.

Midsummer 2012

This Midsummer was celebrated on the Swedish countryside with 40-or-so friends coming from all over the country. All the typical ingredients were there, including the sill, snaps, brännboll, great atmosphere, sauna, night swim and romance.


In July 2010 Jonas, Erik and I sailed from southern Stockholm down to Västervik.

Barn letters

Spent a weekend with Markus refurbishing the barn on his farm and adding some letters to make it a bit more noticeable. Yes, that is the actual name of the place!

Spring & Streams 2

Swedens top paddlers came once again to Uppsala to decide this years winner of Kvarncrossen. Even though the weather wasn’t too good the spirit was high and the entertainment level even higher. Too bad the crowd never showed up…

Bondi graffiti

Bondi Beach’s promenade has been a site for graffiti since the 1960s. Not just the surf is good at Bondi Beach. Along the beach various drawings form a long and intertwined wall of art and tribute.

Spring & Streams

Swedens top freestyle paddlers came to town for a battle in whitewater slalom and paddle cross at Uppsalas Kvarncrossen 2011. Because of a long and cold winter and an exceptionally quick spring the water-level was at an all time high! Great!