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Mountain trek

A bit spontaneous I went along with my two mates Anton and David on a trip to the Swedish mountains (a.k.a “fjällen”).

We took the night train up to Enafors and then caught a bus to the Storulvån mountain station. From there we trekked south to Gåsen and Helags, did a loop back north to Sylarna and then all the way back to Enafors. All in all we were gone for four days and three nights. The weather is usually rainy and quite cold (even in July) but we were fortunate and enjoyed some really nice and warm days with minimum showers and the only occasional mozzies.
Being ex-military we kept a high pace and short brakes to maximize the distance on our day marches. It’s nice to cover great distances but it came at a cost and the following week ment very stiff leg muscles and sore knees — but it was worth it alright! Haha

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